Spirit Animals

I am currently writing this with one of my living cats by my side, craving some attention. Since as long as I can remember, I have been a magnet for animals and vice versa. The connection has always been there. I have tattoos of various animals covering my body out of love and respect for them, including my cats! It is no surprise that I am less haunted by the human species and mainly haunted by cats. The best kind of haunting, in my opinion!

During times of stress and difficulty, I will see a cat jump into the sofa to greet me, only for a small amount of time, then it would vanish. Initially, I would think that it is one of my existing cats, yet they would all be either outside or asleep in another room.

Some of these entities are jet black, or they appear to have similar features to my living kitties.

Upon recording our Spirit Animals episode, myself and Melly experienced a collection of cat-related synchronicities. We would open Facebook and see reports of famous cats who had passed over, our friends posting images of their cats and posts from our friends asking about seeing spirit animals. We went outside for a break and saw cat-like figures in the flat opposite. Were our minds becoming accustomed to the idea that cats are always around us, or was this some sort of sign?  

Tune in to our episode to find out about our experiences and discover how other animals see the world!

Artwork by Melly


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