Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a very intense, terrifying experience. It usually happens just before you sleep or just as you are waking up. It typically includes a high-pitched ring or a buzzing sound, followed by the feeling of electricity running through your body, an intense pressure followed by paralysis and hallucinations. The below illustration by Melly shows just how scary these hallucinations can be.

For some reason, I never spoke about sleep paralysis as a child. I thought people would think I was crazy. It wasn’t until later years that I finally did some research into my experiences and realised that it is a widespread experience. In recent years, I have tried to embrace these experiences and pay attention to my surroundings when sleep paralysis occurs.

Recently, I have witnessed many shadow figures roaming around the room along with inaudible conspiring whispers. On one occasion, I could see the faint shape of my Nan who passed away a few years ago, sitting on our coffee table watching me.

Are these experiences hallucinations, or are we being paid a visit?

Many articles suggest that Sleep Paralysis occurs during adolescence and times of stress. They suggest that this experience is a sign that the body is not moving smoothly through the stages of sleep. Research indicates that experiencing sleep paralysis upon waking up is your mind regaining consciousness before your REM sleep cycle is finished (Rapid Eye Movement).

Sleep Paralysis is also associated with abductions, amongst other things which we mention in our second episode.

This episode also talks about a recent terrifying experience, when meeting this guy:



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