Are we onto something? OR are they onto us?

Myself and Corrine decided we would love to share our personal experiences with the world and perhaps try to understand why we were having these experiences.. but a long the way we noticed that things were not going to run smoothly.

On the first day we were set to record, Corrine hadn’t managed to get much sleep, which was interesting in its own right as we were discussing dreams and sleep paralysis episodes! Come the morning she was just too exhausted to record that day and already had many other things she needed her remaining energy for, so with no hesitation we pushed the date of recording back for a week! The following week we were ready to record, when it was my turn to have issues, a large delivery arrived and it took us about an hour for me to put it away, then by the time we had finished tidying away the shopping my two children wanted all my attention post bedtime. So once again we needed to change the date.

Our third date arrived and I managed to change my own location so that I could have no distractions, Corrine had slept usually and things were going fine, until Corrine’s home become flooded from the storm! Her utility room and bathroom were so flooded that they had to remove the floor and furniture, the cupboards also then needed to be pulled out! That’s when we started to think someone really didn’t want us to start this podcast!

A new day starts and we are optimistic and ready to go, I get into my car and the heavens open as I close my door, I sit in the storm for a moment but I knew that it shouldn’t effect what I am doing on my end, I continue to the studio and step out of my car and into a deep puddle, I carry on inside and set up my equipment! But sadly the tech Gremlins had other ideas and would not allow me to connect to the internet, my laptop decided to have a mind of its own also!
We tried a few days later and then had issues with children appearing outside, they were playing loudly, screaming and singing, which was lovely to hear but was causing issue’s whilst we were recording so we decided to try again another day!


In the end we decided to meet up and use social distancing to record! This worked well, however we did get distracted by the awesome storm that lit up the sky and shook the building for the entire night!

Finally we managed to record, but of at the end of recording and returning home to edit, the tech gremlins came out to play once again! My laptop was not playing ball and the website had stopped working on us also!

So keep your fingers crossed for us, we feel it has been a very interesting journey just to set this project up and we are so excited to share what we have been up to!
We are either experiencing very well timed unfortunate events, or we are on to something and something is on to us!

Melly – The paranormal Ramblings.

Melly top
Corrine bottom

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